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  • Deadly flooding and landslides devastate Nepal

    The Bagmati River, considered holy by both Hindus and Buddhists, runs through the Kathmandu valley of Nepal before joing the Koshi River in the Indian state of Bihar. The header image shows the river in flood stage during the 2016 summer monsoon season. (Wikimedia Commons)

    Nepal (MNN) — Several days of nonstop monsoon rains have triggered floods and landslides throughout India and Nepal. So far, the deluge has claimed at least 150 victims in both countries.

  • COVID-19 overwhelms hospitals throughout Asia

    Header image is a representative stock photo courtesy of S&B Vonlanthen/Unsplash.

    Asia (MNN) — An “explosion” of COVID-19 cases is pushing hospitals across Asia to the edge of collapse, the International Federation of the Red Cross warns. Asian nations reported over 5.9 million new infections in the past two weeks – more than the combined totals of all other regions.

  • Despite anti-conversion laws, Nepalese Church stays strong

    Header image courtesy of Gavin Yeates on Flickr https://bit.ly/3aWb9wu

    Nepal (MNN) — In the face of anti-conversion laws that have targeted Christians for many years, Nepalese believers hold tight to the Gospel.

  • New pressure faces Nepalese Christians

     Treatment of Christians has taken a turn for the worse

    Nepal UnsplashNepal (MNN) — For the past several years, the Gospel has moved more in Nepal than almost any country in the world. Christians were showing the nation that the Gospel was more than just a political agenda. But Joe Handley of Asian Access says that recently, things have taken a turn for the worse. Thanks to the Church’s work with orphan care through orphanages and human trafficking through rescue centers and job-training facilities, Nepal...

  • Nepal’s anti-conversion law about to be implemented

    Christians are coming together in support of one another

    nepal, church, cementary, pixabayNepal (MNN) – There have been significant changes in Nepal’s recent history which have introduced uncertainty for the nation’s future. In 2015, the nation declared itself a secular state through a new constitution. It seemed that religious freedom was growing in Nepal. However, earlier this year Nepal also adopted a new law, criminalizing religious conversion. The law is about to go into effect in August. And another big change just took place last...

  • In Nepal, new law cracks down on expression of religion

    Nepal photo courtesy of Mission Network NewsConversion may not be safe anymore in Nepal

    Nepal (MNN) – Christianity in Nepal has two main bullies—Hindu radicals from within the country, and India. Thanks to growing pressures from these two sources, religious freedoms for minority groups are severely threatened. Earlier this month, a bill was passed that will likely restrict Christians and other groups from sharing their faith. It is currently being finalized into law. The language of the bill closely resembles blasphemy and anti-conversion laws from...

  • Nepal floods wash away hope, Asian Access responds

    Asian Access responds to Nepal's worst rainfall in 15 years

    Nepal floods 2Nepal (MNN) — The people of Nepal desperately need your prayers. Days of monsoon rain triggered severe flooding and landslides, killing over 100 people. Contacts tell Asian Access the Nepal floods washed away entire families. “Everywhere there’s water, so deep; [it’s a] very difficult situation. People [have] lost their [livelihood] and all the food, clothing; everything they lost,” said Mr. Chittry...

  • Changes for the Church in 2017

    (Photo courtesy SAT-7 via Facebook)The Church in Asia prepares for increased pressure

    International (MNN) — As last year has come to an end, it’s easy to look ahead to the new year as a chance for resets and new beginnings. However, Noel Becchetti of Asian Access says for the Church in Asia, what might come is more intimidating than rejuvenating. He says there “is a rising intolerance and direct pressure against Christians and then sometimes others [who] may not be Christian but [are] people who are not part of the ruling group.” Take Bangladesh. “Up until a few years ago, Bangladesh, while a Muslim majority country, has really been known for its tolerance,” explains Becchetti. However, “About three years ago,...

  • Exciting year of empowering and equipping national leaders

    This is an exciting year for Asian Access. There is a lot happening out there. I just spent the last few days with four key leaders from different countries like Japan, Mongolia, Cambodia and India. And listening to them would inspire you. I wish you could be here with me to hear their voices. It's exciting as we look to the future...

  • Nepal blockade ends, long economic recovery ahead

    (Photo Sundar Thapa courtesy MNN) Nepal (MNN) — Nepal and India have moved forward to restore ties after months of a crippling blockade. Asian Access National Director for Nepal, Mr. Chittry, says the impact was immediate and severe. “They have a shortage of food, no electricity, no fuel, no medication, and all the schools are closed.” In fact, the Nepalese Prime Minister went to India last month to “clear the misunderstanding” between the nations. His main objective was to restore ties between the two countries, which had been strained in the wake of Nepal’s new Constitution. “People are really suffering, and people are losing hope. India keeps pressuring [Nepal] to bring back the Hindu state again,”...

  • Constitution blockade, Christmas plans continue

    Flickr_Nepal protest via S Pakhrin 12-04-15Nepal (MNN) — It was over as soon as it began. An effort to end the months-long Constitution blockade crippling Nepal fell short. Speaking via Skype, Noel Becchetti of Asian Access says religious freedom is at the heart of it all. "Nepal passed the first-ever constitution in the history of their country in September. In that part of the world,...

  • Christians help Nepal's families in need

    Silk and I were recently in the middle of Nepal, where many of you have helped out. We are deeply grateful for your prayers and your support. Your financial giving has really helped out, especially providing these tin shelters, as a part of the Family Rebuilding Packages including some food supplies that will last. Families who have lost everything will be helped by these packages now and over the next few years as they get their lives back together...

  • Thank you for walking alongside Nepal quake victims

    Silk Handley recounted with Joe about their time in Nepal, specifically about when they were able to go actually see one of the village sites where the earthquake did quite a bit of damage. “It was amazing walking the streets. I noticed huge piles of dirt and mud in the center of the road blocking the road, so that vehicles couldn't even drive there. I was thinking, ‘How did this happen?’ As I was watching, I...

  • Thankful for you this Thanksgiving!

    joe headshot Oct2015I just want to say thank you for your support to us at Asian Access. We are deeply grateful for your partnership, your prayers and your financial support. It's amazing to see what God is doing through the lives of leaders all over Asia. This summer, in particular, your work with helping us with the people of Nepal after the earthquake was deeply moving. So I just want to say thank you this Thanksgiving season...

  • Blockade of supplies into Nepal continues

    (Photo courtesy Asian Access)Nepal (MNN) -- It doesn’t look like there’s a solution to the disagreement between Nepal and India anywhere in sight. Noel Becchetti of Asian Access says India is still angry about Nepal’s new constitution and keeps blocking supplies. “As India is exercising their political will, they have the power unfortunately to basically starve these guys out,...

  • The church in Japan serves Nepal after earthquakes

    Church in Japan ‘gives back’ in NepalNepal (MNN) -- Japanese Christians know firsthand the value of receiving help in times of disaster. That's why a team of individuals impacted by the 2011 tsunami spent their holiday in Nepal helping their neighbors. The team spent four days cleaning up a children’s home and helping a village rebuild. Despite everything the Japanese team has given,...

  • India blockades Nepal; fuel shortages bite into constitution crisis

    (Image courtesy Wikimedia Commons)Nepal (MNN) -- Nepal is a country under siege. Noel Becchetti with Asian Access says India is angry because Nepal decided it wasn’t a Hindu nation. 'They’re unhappy with the fact that Nepal approved a secular constitution. You might recall: the radical element of that group basically is wanting to go back to what they called the 'Greater India,'" w...

  • Forging new dreams in Nepal

    Forging new dreams in NepalNepal (MNN) -- Writing your country's constitution is hard. Every word you write carries the direction of the nation. Nepal’s been having an especially tough time with it since starting this journey almost a decade ago. An Asian Access partner says the big question is secular vs Hindu nationalist law. Massive strikes have shut down parts of the constitution...

  • Help Provide Family Rebuilding Packages in Nepal

    Family Rebuilding Packages only $130The people of Nepal are still reeling from the worst disaster to hit their country since 1934. But you can make a difference in the life of a family there today. The initial 7.8 earthquake struck Kathmandu on April 25, 2015, with significant aftershocks on April 26 and May 12. Over 9,000 lives were lost, 23,000 injured and more than 2,000,000 people displaced from their homes. People are living in tents with nowhere to...

  • Nepal in collective shock

    Nepal in collective shockNepal (MNN) -- Landslides caused by heavy rains joined another strong aftershock in Nepal four days ago. The constant reminders of the national tragedy have left people in shock. We caught up to Noel Becchetti with Asian Access in Kathmandu. "There is this collective PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) that you can see everywhere. So, what...

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