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  • Biblical Training

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    A Growing Partnership

    Asian Access is proud to partner with Biblical Training. Since we are both involved with providing training for Christian leaders, it makes great Kingdom sense to team up, learn from one another, increase our collective reach, and expand our library of training resources.

  • What Asian Access means to us in our country

    A2 prayer meeting endorsement video screengrabEvery once in a while, you come across a powerful testimony that you just have to share. The other day, on a global prayer call with 50+ of our Asian Access global family, we had one of our leaders share the impact of the program on their country. The story was so compelling that we wanted you to be able to watch or listen… Take a listen! And, thank you for praying and partnering with us to see this kind of transformation happening...

  • New update on Japan Partnership Sports Ministry

    00367_00638.jpgMonday afternoon we were running an All-Ability Festival at the front of Hongodai station. It had been raining in the morning so Samuel, the coordinator, cancelled it. As soon as he did that, it stopped raining. So he told me that we have now cancelled the cancellation… so we were on again. A brave decision as one weather forecast had an 80% chance of rain. God was kind and there was no rain. We set up with a team of over 60 people. During the festival, we played blind football, sit-down volleyball, ran a sensory zone, and also danced and sang to a song written by a blind lady at our church. It was a truly amazing time and we all were blown away by what happened and the impact of Festivals. This is our first festival as a pre-run to many All-Ability Festivals that we want to run during the Paralympics... {addthis off}

  • Guest Entry: Japan partnership yielding early results

    00366_00635.jpgGreetings to Asian Access on behalf of our sports ministry partnership! I enjoy sharing good news…I enjoy sharing good news: Festival in Shizuoka... We had a memorable time there yesterday running a Festival with them. We had trained them earlier in the year and they wanted one more time with us. It had been raining and so they hired a gymnasium and it worked well. After 5 weeks of incredible service, it was Timo- the former All Black’s last outreach event. He did great - signing autographs, sharing his testimony at the end and handing out Bibles. The combined youth group sang their song and everyone danced along. Many people from the community were there. The Churches were excited by the response of the community. There were 10 Churches represented – all part of Shizuoka International Sports Partnership – SISP. The Churches were thankful for all the overseas teams and each seemed to have encouraging stories of their mission teams visit...{addthis off}

  • Kärin Primuth on critical need for partnership in mission today

    kärin primuthA2 Board Member calls for more coordinated efforts in mission

    Orlando (MNN) — Asian Access board member Kärin Primuth and Mission Network News' Katey Hearth discuss Great Commission trends at the 2018 Missio Nexus Leadership Conference. Primuth calls for more coordination and collaboration between groups in mission to maximize our overall effectiveness in achieving the Great Commission. Using Jesus' prayer for unity in John 17, she highlights the partnership models that both Asian Access and visionSynergy are implementing in their respective circles to contribute to the advance of the Gospel.

    Listen to the interview...

  • Missio Nexus 2018 ignites global collaboration

    missio nexus_headerGlobal mission themes identified and explored at recent conference

    International (MNN) — The annual Missio Nexus event – North America’s largest mission conference – wrapped up this weekend. Over 935 missions agency and church leaders gathered for three days of discussion, teachings, and networking. One of the event’s keynote speakers was Asian Access board member Karin Primuth. She says everything at the Missio Nexus Leadership Conference revolved around a central theme of...

  • The Value of Partnership

    “When we do mission, we need one heart. So we can do it together.”

    These two sentences best sum up our commitment to live and work in community. Pastor Yukimasa Otomo shared this with me to describe his partnership with A2 missionaries Robert and Roberta Adair. The partnership between Japanese pastors and A2 missionaries is deep. As Yukimasa Sensei added, “Having Robert [here] is good for me, because I can share my heart.” Robert was excited to partner with this pastor, too...

  • Collaboration and North American missions

    Collaboration and North American missionsUSA (MNN) — The 2014 Missio Nexus Leadership Conference for North American mission groups has come to an end. However, the new strategies and relationships formed during the four-day event in Atlanta, Georgia are only just beginning. Among the major takeaways from this year’s event...


  • SIM/Asian Access Partnership honored; Now a major call is going out

    Asian Access & SIM USA given 'eXcelerate Award for Innovation in Partnership'

    Joe Handley receiving award for Asian Access.USA (MNN) ―A partnership is not only saving money and opening more ministry opportunities, but it's being rewarded. Over the weekend, Asian Access and SIM USA were presented an award for a strategic partnership at the Missio Nexus North American Leaders Conference in Chicago.

    Asian Access had a problem. They had 24 missionaries in...

  • New Dawn in the Land of the Rising Sun

    This article from eXcelerate Magazine is being reposted with permission from Missio Nexus.

    New Dawn in the Land of the Rising Sun

    Congratulations to Asian Access and SIM,
    recipients of the eXcelerate award for
    partnership in mission.

    New Dawn in the Land of the Rising Sun

    A2/SIM Strategic Partnership for Japan

    Edited by Mary Kay Palguta, Missio Nexus

    New Dawn in the Land of the Rising Sun

    Japan has long been considered a...

  • Karin Butler Primuth joins A2 Board

    Karin Butler Primuth joins A2 BoardAsian Access is pleased to announce that Kärin Butler Primuth has joined the Asian Access Board of Directors for a three-year term. We are excited to add such a high caliber person to our fine board.

    Kärin currently serves as Executive Director of visionSynergy, based in southern California — visionSynergy’s expertise is in...

  • Affiliations & Partnerships

    We are Better Together

    Asian Access has a history spanning over five decades of solid financial management. For example, we have earned the Candid (GuideStar Exchange) Seal, given because we demonstrate a commitment to transparency.

    The training programs and cutting-edge missions strategies that have been developed within Asian Access are highly regarded by the Christian community, both in North America and in Asia. Whether they are ministry partnerships or membership associations, we believe that we are better together.

    Asian Access is a member and/or partnering with each of these respected associations:

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