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  • Asian Access passes baton to Japanese leadership

    A2Japan 2022 May OFI group e1654527179474

    Japan (MNN) — Asian Access has officially passed the baton of ministry in Japan to the Japanese leadership.

  • An Asian Access First: Asia-Wide Faculty Development Training

    Deepening Sustainability by Developing More Asian Faculty

    Many years of dreaming, strategizing, and planning were realized this past October when A2 held its first-ever international faculty development training in Bangkok, Thailand. Under the direction of Dr. Bob and Erlinda Betia, 34 men and women from 10 Asian Access countries buckled down for an intensive two days of training, designed to equip them to serve as Asian Access faculty—both within their own countries and throughout Asia... {addthis off}


  • Strides Toward Sustainability

    00329 00544For several years, Asian Access has focused on the importance of sustainability. However, progress was so slow that most of our leaders would say things like, “Really? Do we have to talk about that again? All we do is talk. Nothing seems to ever go anywhere!”  Fortunately, the last few years we’ve taken baby steps and today we are seeing tremendous momentum. Things are gaining steam. Why, you may ask is sustainability so important? {addthis off} 

  • An Asian Access Trifecta

    Three countries work together to lead an A2 session

    group1Every organization, both spiritual and secular, has vision and mission statements, and Asian Access is no exception. Our vision is: To see a vibrant community of servant leaders with vision, character and competence leading the church across Asia. And our mission is: To identify, develop and release emerging kingdom leaders to unite the church, multiply leaders and congregations, and extend the transforming power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Making vision and mission a reality is an ongoing challenge for any organization, and Asian Access is no exception. So it is especially encouraging when everything comes together beautifully, as it just has in one of our newest countries (which, for security reasons, we cannot identify by name)...

  • Local Ownership: Lessons from Cambodia

    joe and pastor sothCelebrating at the Cambodian Graduation last year was a special delight for me. Two things happened that day that highlighted the reproducibility of Asian Access. First was seeing the Essence of Asian Access translated into the Khmer language. You know that people really own the ministry when they start processing their learning through the prism of their own language and culture. This has happened in Cambodia as the local working team has taken the principles of Asian Access to...

  • Progress on Sustainability in 2018

    A2 Happy New Year 2018Happy New Year, Everyone!

    2018 is a big year for Asian Access. We just completed our Jubilee Celebration in 2017 and one of the signature focal points of 2018 is sustainability. Our national directors meeting spent an entire 4 days focused on the topic and built upon the theory we’ve been pursuing for many years. For quite some time, we defined sustainability to include the following: 1.) Local Leadership; 2.) Local faculty; 3.) Local resources...

  • Sustainability and the Typhoon Taxi

    00280 00445Our Asian Access family of national directors had a wonderful time together this past week. The highlight of the week was our excursion on what I call the Typhoon Taxi. Bangkok, the site for our meeting, is crisscrossed with rivers and canals. Bangkok has also developed an extensive water taxi network to help its residents make their way through what can be a gridlocked road system. The water taxis aren’t fancy, but they are cheap—and they move. We decided to take one of the main water taxis across town as part of an outing—a chance to get out of our hotel and enjoy some time together. How did we know it was going to pour rain that afternoon? And how did we know that our bus would be trapped in total gridlock just 300 meters from the water taxi station? Welcome to Bangkok. Not to be deterred, we hopped off the bus and jogged through the downpour to the water taxi station.  Fortunately, it was the first stop on the...

  • The Road to Sustainability

    Establish an Interdependent MinistryOne of the keys to Asian Access’ long-term health is the ability of each country to sustain the movement under its own power. One of the most important contributors to sustainability is the development and empowerment of leaders from within each country who can serve as A2 faculty. David Dayalan, national director for Asian Access/India and A2 vice president for program development, is a strong advocate for in-country faculty. “Relying solely on foreigners to teach the A2 program is unhealthy,” he says. “It perpetuates the myth that only outsiders can effectively teach leader development. And it discounts the contributions that can be made by gifted leaders whom God has already raised up in our respective countries. These leaders are ready and able to teach their fellow leaders, right now.” ...

  • Establish a Sustainable Ministry

    A2 essence sustainability interdependence

    What long-range view does true partnership require?

    Asian Access keeps the big picture of indigenous ministry in mind. From the outset in a given country, Asian Access sets out to decrease reliance over time. We desire to establish a sustainable ministry in every country usually within a 12-year period; we believe that we are successful if we achieve these objectives:

    1. Local Ownership of the national leaders in a country.
    2. Local Leadership: observe a viable Leadership Team in place.
    3. Local Faculty: 50% of faculty members coming from inside each country.
    4. Local Resources: decreasing level of financial support needed from outside.

    Sustainability means that, over time, each country will require fewer resources—primarily money, faculty and guidance—from outside, especially the West. More funds generated from within the country, more internal faculty and greater decisionmaking lead to greater independence. 

    Where is each partnership headed?

    In reality, there will always be interdependence rather than complete independence, because we are the body of Christ. We are finding that faculty from across Asia are increasingly effective at helping one another grow deeper than if each country was isolated. In summary, then, our goal is independence in financial matters, but creative collaboration in most other areas.

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