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  • Remembering Sareeta Thapa: A Person of True Kingdom Impact

    Sareeta Thapa

    A person of true Kingdom impact has left this earth for her heavenly reward.

  • For Jan: A Loving Tribute

    k and j c.1986

    By Jeanie Birdsall

    “Precious in the sight of the LORD is the death of His faithful servants.”
    — Psalm 116:15

  • In loving memory of Ophelia De Visser, Asian Access unsung hero

    Ophelia DeVisser funeral announcement 

    Ophelia De Visser is one of the unsung heroes of the Asian Access family. She was the solid, steady support behind her well-known and renowned family, ensuring they were grounded while they served Christ on a national and global scale.

  • Heaven’s Gain: Ron McMahon emeritus board chair joins Jesus 

    ron with joe board

    Well done, good and faithful servant.
    You have been faithful over a little;
    I will set you over much.
    Enter into the joy of your master.

  • Ron McMahon Memorial Fund

    Ron McMahon Memorial Fund

    Honor Ron McMahon by giving to his memorial fund

    Ron McMahon, who faithfully served as our board of directors chair for 23 years, passed into eternity on May 2, 2022.

  • Remembering Bob Fuhriman

    Robert Fuhriman

    My Tribute to Robert Fuhriman

    Blessed to Be in Community with Bob

    Bob & Beth Fuhriman served as missionaries with Cru in Japan starting in 1968. In 1981, they switched to Asian Access (then, LIFE Ministries). I met them in 1987 as an Asian Access short-termer living in Tokyo. I remember carefully watching several of these long-term missionaries to see if I could possibly become one, as well as if these were the people whose community I wanted to join.

  • Dignity

    Maeharas-Joe-Phil-webAs Reverend Toshio Maehara retired from our board a few weeks ago, the one word that kept coming up in reflecting about his life and service was "Dignity". There were several other words expressed: focus, determined, passionate, and prayerful... perhaps a few I've missed. But, over and over again, the word "Dignity" arose. Toshio and Mutsuko, his wife, have led a life full of dignity. It's with honor that he is not only retiring from full time service to our board of directors, but also accepting a new position as Senior Advisor to Asian Access board chairman and president, specifically in regard to our 2020 Vision for Japan. Pastor Maehara's resolve for us to..


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