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  • Breaking down national barriers is central to A2's DNA

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    Key Component to Asian Access' Ethos

    Asian Access is a multi-national ministry, currently active in 16 countries. What you might not be aware of is that the leaders in A2 are active among those 16 countries as well.

    It’s part of our ethos of breaking down barriers to build up the unity of the Church across Asia. 

  • To Unite the Church... in a Polarized World

    uniting the church across asia screengrab“That they may all be one, just as you, Father, are in me, and I in you, that they also may be in us, so that the world may believe that you have sent me.” – John 17:21

    Our planet is in a period of sustained grief: a season hit by a global pandemic, it’s corresponding recession/depression, and the tensions rising from emergency lockdowns and shelter in place orders and advisories. In addition, we are struck with racial tensions flaring, and the mistreatment of ethnic minorities by many and the killing of African Americans by police officers gone bad. Now the lockdowns have turned into curfews across the nation because of the reactions of rioters and looters on a scale like we have not seen in decades. While my friends in the US are seeing this ongoing saga play out day in and day out, my colleagues across Asia are feeling its implications even within the church...

  • God is Uniting the Church

    A2 teamworkLearning to work together for Kingdom advance

    We invited Asian Access board member and visionSynergy CEO, Kärin Primuth to attend our A2 national directors' gathering to share devotions for the week on unity in the Body of Christ. Afterward, we sat down with Kärin to get some impressions of her time with leaders from 16 A2 countries. Here is another impression that Kärin shared. In every corner of the world, God's people,... {addthis off}

  • Unity, not uniformity; Diversity, not division

    unity-diversityBody of Christ designed to collaborate for Kingdom advance

    We invited Asian Access board member and visionSynergy CEO, Kärin Primuth to attend our A2 national directors' gathering to share devotions for the week on unity in the Body of Christ. Afterward, we sat down with Kärin to get some impressions of her time with leaders from 16 A2 countries. Here is another impression that Kärin shared... {addthis off}

  • Hong Kong protests provide opportunity for peace, reconciliation

    hong kong protests 2019

    Hong Kong (MNN) — Protests continue in Hong Kong this week. Thousands of senior citizens joined in the latest demonstrations. Meanwhile, Hong Kong police called for protection after one activist allegedly bit off part of an officer’s finger. Those participating in Hong Kong protests want current government officials to step down out, and “an investigation into police tactics,” the Associated Press reports. Demonstrators also want assurance they won’t be punished like those who led the 2014 “Yellow Umbrella” protests. Last week, Hong Kong Executive Officer Carrie Lam said the controversial extradition law which began the current movement was “dead”, but she stopped short of taking the bill off the table. Referencing a recent blog...{addthis off}

  • Love Sonata

    lovesonata gatheringA few weeks ago, I had the privilege of attending my first Love Sonata in Sapporo. It’s an evangelistic event held 2-4 times per year here in Japan inspired and led by Onnuri Church from Seoul, Korea. It was inspiring as you’ll likely see from the pictures posted here. And, if you’d like to watch the entire event, you can on...

  • New pressure faces Nepalese Christians

     Treatment of Christians has taken a turn for the worse

    Nepal UnsplashNepal (MNN) — For the past several years, the Gospel has moved more in Nepal than almost any country in the world. Christians were showing the nation that the Gospel was more than just a political agenda. But Joe Handley of Asian Access says that recently, things have taken a turn for the worse. Thanks to the Church’s work with orphan care through orphanages and human trafficking through rescue centers and job-training facilities, Nepal...

  • Nepal’s anti-conversion law about to be implemented

    Christians are coming together in support of one another

    nepal, church, cementary, pixabayNepal (MNN) – There have been significant changes in Nepal’s recent history which have introduced uncertainty for the nation’s future. In 2015, the nation declared itself a secular state through a new constitution. It seemed that religious freedom was growing in Nepal. However, earlier this year Nepal also adopted a new law, criminalizing religious conversion. The law is about to go into effect in August. And another big change just took place last...

  • A Platform for Ministry: David and Jackie Ro

    David & JackieDavid and Jackie Ro, OMF missionaries, were with me this week in Taiwan. They are some of the finest servants of Christ you can meet. Jackie serves as the director for A2's Women in Ministry leader development program, while David serves as the East Asia Regional Director for the Lausanne Movement and for Gordon Conwell Seminary’s J. Christy Wilson Center for World Missions. As we were sharing with leaders in Taipei about the ministry of Asian Access, they both had some profound insight to share: insight that was incredibly encouraging to...

  • That We May Be One

    cam working teamAt Asian Access one of our core goals in our mission is to “unite the Church”. We put it this way, we develop leaders… “to unite the Church, multiply leaders and congregations, and extend the transforming power of the Gospel.”  Jesus himself highlights the importance of unity in John 17: “that they may be one, even as we are one.” He’s speaking of times when the world will tear us apart and this is his prayer to the Father that we may be unified in the midst of the challenges the world throws our way. In my lifetime, I can’t think of a more important season for...

  • Ajith Fernando, A2|50th Day 2 Keynote: The Way of Unifying Passion

    Ajith Fernando, teaching at A2|50th Day 2Day 2 •Homothumadon: "The Way of Unifying Passion"

    Here are a few brief, but poignant quotes from Dr. Ajith Fernando's tremendous message:

    "A genuine Christian is committed to unity, to teamwork, and to mission."
    — Ajith Fernando

    "Truth is more important than personal honour. Truth is more important than politics within the Church."

    "We are committed to Truth and to God's glory. And we strive for unity."

    "One of the principles of a happy marriage is that there are no winners in a battle.

    Ajith Fernando: "The Way of Unity" [A2|50th Day 2 Keynote]...

  • Mongolia's Church calling for unity of believers

    Mongolia’s church may be young, but they have big plans

    Mongolian gerMongolia (MNN) — Mongolia’s Church is younger than most. Many pastors have only been ministering for just over 20 years, but they’re already facing challenges on a national scale.

    “In our country, materialism is kicking in so people are more interested [in] having status in society. They want to have all the privileges that mainstream people would like to have,” says Chinzorig Jigjidsuren, the National Director for Asian Access in Mongolia. He’s worried that more interest in earthly treasures means less interest in spiritual ones, and he wants Mongolia’s pastors to unite to reignite hunger for the Gospel. Because so many pastors are young and spread out, it’s easy for believers to feel alone or abandoned. ”The DNA of Asian Access keeps...

  • Cambodia Church finds unity in shared needs

    They didn't trust each other,  even within the Church

    map/flag of CambodiaCambodia (MNN) — There’s a slice of land in Southeast Asia about the size of Oklahoma. It’s surrounded by Thailand, Laos, and Vietnam. While you’ve no doubt heard of Cambodia, you may not know much about the country. Meng Aun Hour of Asian Access says what most people do recognize is the phrase, “killing fields”. We shared a couple of years ago howGod is bringing healing to the nation after the 70s massacre of Cambodians by their four-year leader, Pol Pot. The Gospel is a shining light of hope after such a deep and painful scar that continues to characterize the country. Aun Hour gave us an update on how the Cambodian Church is doing... 

  • Big Head... Empty Heart?

    gpro pastoral leadership workshop attendeesDr. Bosela Eale had a powerful critique of many pastors who had gone through seminary and went into the pastorate: “They had a big head but with an empty heart!”Dr. Eale, the Catalyst for Leadership Development with the Lausanne Movement, shared today on Pastoral Leadership at the Global Proclamation Congress for Pastoral Trainers during our Spiritual Engagement Track. He walked through the importance of values in pastoral leadership noting that when we don’t have the right values, we can get off course. Three core values were seen as critical to the life of a pastor: 1.) The value of influence — pastors influence others and thus it is important not to abuse our authority! 2.) The value of servant leadership — pastors are not to rule over others but rather serve the community! 3.) The value of authenticity — only when pastors are honest and real will they be able to related to others and impact their lives...

  • Leading like Geese

    A2-Leaders-Summit-2014-public-webToday we experienced a powerful celebration as we commissioned our newest country in SE Asia and honored one of our senior leaders who is transitioning into a new ministry role. As we look to leadership in the current era, we see great wisdom in the way that geese fly in formation. Leadership is done best by working in teams and when one leader needs to rest another takes the helm but the point leader...

  • How good and pleasant it is when brothers live together in unity!


    The last two weeks have been powerful as the A2 family came together (first in Japan and then in Singapore). Leaders from twelve nations gathered across these two weeks to learn together, grow together, and strengthen our common bonds as we seek "to see a vibrant community of servant leaders… leading the Church across Asia… who unite the Church, multiply leaders and congregations, and extend the transforming power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ."

  • Unity in Cambodia

    Asian Access Contributes to Uniting the Cambodian Church

    Cambodian pastorsPhnom Penh, CAMBODIA (A2) — When Asian Access graduated its first class of participants in Cambodia, it was clear that the new graduates had bonded with one another over the two-year program. Despite denominational differences, graduates excitedly planned several joint activities across Cambodia in an effort to build unity.


  • 3 Waves 3 Walls: Reflections following Japan's Triple Disaster

    And the walls came a tumblin' down!
    3 Waves 3 Walls: Reflections following Japan's Triple Disaster

    The last few months I've been listening carefully to pastors from Japan share their reflections post 3/11/11. Their learning is profound because their reflections are deep.

    As you know, Japan was hit by a triple disaster on March 11, 2011 with three distinct waves:

    1. The 9.0 earthquake which did relatively little
    2. ...
  • Though their history reads like a mystery, the church in Asia writes a happier chapter


    Asia (MNN) ― Secrecy, spies and suspicion: they are all elements found in a novel or movie of intrigue. You'd expect  to see such a storyline unfolding in connection with a mystery, but not the church.

    However, Joe Handley with Asian Access says that's exactly what was happening amongst believers throughout