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What is the spiritual need of Asia?

  • The need for leadership in Asia's expanding church

    (Photo courtesy of Asian Access)Katey Hearth of Mission Network News speaks with Joe Handley of Asian Access about the needs for leadership in the rapidly expanding Church of Asia.

    Listen to the interview...

  • Trends of the Church: Asia needs leaders

    Image by Asian AccessAsia (MNN) — According to a studydone by The Center for Study of Global Christianity at Gordon Conwell Seminary, the Church in Asia is one of the fastest growing churches in the world. Joe Handley of Asian Access says, “As you look at this research, one of the places that the church is just growing like gangbusters, really rapidly, is in the...


  • The Need for Fatherly Love

    "For [the Father] so loved the world, that he gave his only Son,
    that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life." (John 3:16)

    Merry Christmas from Asian Access! Here is a photo of our A2 staff in Japan.

    The Need for Fatherly Love

    At this time of year, we rightly focus on the incarnation, the coming of the Lord in human form. But Christmas also...

  • Our Greatest Need is Leadership

    Lesson from Japan's triple disaster

    Our Greatest Need is LeadershipMakito Matsuda is pastor of Oasis Chapel in Rifu, Japan, one of the key hubs for relief efforts after the triple disaster in northeast Japan. Pastor Matsuda, a graduate of Asian Access’ leader development program, is one of the emerging generation leaders in Japan.

    Immediately following the disaster, people...

  • Wall Street Journal notes great need for leader development in Asia

    A2 Leader Summit 2012A recent Wall Street Journal article noted the great need for leaders in the church of Asia today. This prompted the team at Nations Be Glad, an affiliate of Dr. John Piper to tweet the following:

    Wall Street Journal: The spread of Christianity across China has left churches with a shortage of trained leaders. http://ow.ly/9ckrf

    More than 15 years...

  • Every Pastor Needs a Pastor... Every Pastor Needs a Friend

    South India class 1 member Solomon sharing at his graduation ceremony.Pastor Solomon from A2 / S. India shared this quote from pastor Warren Wiersbe in sharing his testimony about the last two years with Asian Access. Solly, as we all now call him, was part of the first graduating class from S. India, an impressive group of church leaders spanning several denominations. They have caught the vision to see a vibrant community of servant leaders leading the church across India and Asia. Now, they're working to replicate the ministry in the cities they are from: Hyderabad, Chennai and Bangalore. What a thrill to see a vibrant community of pastors form who... {addthis off}

  • 'Spiritual fathers' needed for church in Asia

    anacambodia.sessionboard1.jclayton.jpgAsia (MNN) ― The church in Asia is booming. Faced with the population of the region, identifying and targeting key "influencers" is as important as evangelizing them. First Generation believers are coming to the forefront as leaders. However, this generation essentially has no "spiritual fathers."   ...

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