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  • Transformation, expansion, and tightening restrictions

    An Update from Women in Ministry

    New Year 2022

    wim feb2022 vidconf

    As we usher in the Year of the Tiger, I wish you all a Happy New Year!

  • 80% of the Church in our Country are Women

    women prayingThis past week was an encouraging one for me as we spent time exploring the idea of launching our Women in Ministry training in Cambodia. It came on the heels of seeing our largest group of women ever in a graduating class – around 7 of the members in Bangladesh were women. Everywhere I go, the need to empower and equip women is overwhelming. That’s why Asian Access is spending more time and energy investing in women. Nearly 30% of most of our cohorts in 16 countries include women but that pales in comparison to the need. Thus, our special Women in Ministry cohorts are... {addthis off}

  • Looking Ahead to 2019: What's on the horizon for the A2 movement?

    kor ls and friends 600pxHappy New Year from Asian Access!

    Hear from President Joe Handley as we look ahead to 2019 seeing how the Lord might be directing our movement. Building on breakthroughs in 2018, the horizon looks bright...{addthis off}

  • A Platform for Ministry: David and Jackie Ro

    David & JackieDavid and Jackie Ro, OMF missionaries, were with me this week in Taiwan. They are some of the finest servants of Christ you can meet. Jackie serves as the director for A2's Women in Ministry leader development program, while David serves as the East Asia Regional Director for the Lausanne Movement and for Gordon Conwell Seminary’s J. Christy Wilson Center for World Missions. As we were sharing with leaders in Taipei about the ministry of Asian Access, they both had some profound insight to share: insight that was incredibly encouraging to...

  • Looking Ahead to 2017 Initiatives

    2017 holds a lot of promise for us this next year. Asian Access is really thrilled with what’s in store, and I'm excited to just share with you a few of those ventures that are upcoming. First and foremost is our 50th anniversary—our Jubilee in Jakarta. I hope you'll join us for that. As a part of that celebration, we're showcasing a new series, and their first volume will come out in Jakarta called, "Eastern Voices". We’ll share more with you about that soon. We will be opening the country of the Philippines, and we're exploring several new countries. Many of them are unreached areas for the gospel; some of them are completely closed to the Gospel's advance...

  • Women Hold Up Half the Sky!

    A2 WIM2016I just came away from an inspiring working session. Asian Access is looking to both deepen and expand our efforts in empowering women who are in ministry. One of my colleagues quoted Mao Zedong who said, “Women hold up half the sky!” This is so true. In all my years in ministry, it’s astounding to see how many women are the key movers and shakers in the Church globally and in mission. They lead from behind, below, beside and now increasingly from the front. The sad part is that they receive such little investment and empowerment. One of the key sessions during the Cape Town Congress in 2010 walked through these issues: Men and Women in Partnership. You can learn more by reviewing that link and the various videos posted there. Asian Access has...

  • Investing in women leaders, too, so churches can multiply

    Mary Jo Wilson, A2's VP for Japan, shares why she is proud that Asian Access applies its four outcomes to women leaders across Asia:
    1) Nurturing a love relationship with God;
    2) Growing in Christ-like character;
    3) Reproducing disciple-making leaders;
    4) Planting multiplying churches.

    Being a female leader can be a lonely road. But Asian Access is investing in these leaders to help each of them in their context. And as they are in the A2 community, they're mutually encouraged and learning...

  • Women in Leadership: Part Three

    Women in Leadership: Part ThreeInternational (MNN) — Throughout the world, women are treated as less than human. Gender-based killings — practiced everywhere from China to the U.S. — kills thousands of baby girls...

  • Kärin Primuth on Women in Leadership

    Kärin PrimuthWomen in Leadership, Interview 1:

    Kӓrin Primuth, Asian Access board member and Wendy Wilson with Missio Nexus discuss the pros and cons surrounding the topic of women in leadership with Mission Network News’ Katey Hearth.

    Listen to the interview...

  • Handley on Women in Leadership

    Interview: Joe Handley of Asian Access explores a controversial issue with Mission Network News’ Katey Hearth: Women in Leadership...

    Listen to the interview...

  • Women in Leadership: Part Two

    women in leadershipInternational (MNN) — In Part Two of our series about women in leadership, MNN is going “straight to the source.” As women in roles of leadership themselves, Kӓrin Primuth of Asian Access and Wendy Wilson with Missio Nexus have a lot to say on the subject. In this article, Kӓrin and Wendy explore the “pros and cons” surr...

  • Women In Leadership: Part One

    Women in Leadership1International (MNN) — Putting women in leadership has been a controversial subject since the turn of the century, both in sacred and secular circles. Over the next few days, MNN will investigate the issue as it relates to global missions. The goal of this mini-series is not to debate or choose a side (i.e. women leaders are...

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