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Takeshi & Dorrie Takazawa

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Bio: Takeshi & Dorrie Takazawa



Takeshi was born and raised in Tokyo, Japan. He became a Christian through a children’s English class held in partnership with Asian Access and a local Japanese church. He quickly became involved in serving in the church and by the time he was in college he was involved in various leadership roles. After graduation, he joined Asian Access as Acting Business Manager for the English language schools and from there he worked with others to start the Church Planting Networks. He also began teaching and training in other Asian Countries. Currently he is also involved in various special projects in Japan and Asia, including disaster relief and leadership renewal and development.

Dorrie joined Asian Access in the summer of 1982 teaching English on the Island of Shikoku. This summer assignment has now turned into 30+ years with Asian Access! She was the TESOL director for the English language program and was involved in training hundreds of people who came to serve both long and short term in Japan. Currently, she serves as a training coordinator for our new missionaries in Japa; plus she helps Takeshi with some of his projects and tries to keep the family on track.

Kei was born and raised in Japan and attended local schools through 9th grade. He attended a US high school for three years and graduated this past June with high honors. He is attending Wheaton College now. His current interest is physics. He has been a big help in serving both with us and on his own in Japan as well as in the States in a church plant targeting 2nd generation Vietnamese.

Kie was also born and raised in Japan and attended local schools through part of 8th grade. She entered 9th grade in a US high school without ever really finishing 8th grade! After a rocky start, she is now a senior in the same high school and doing very well. She is on the varsity basketball team and also enjoys playing in the Asian Leagues. She has a heart for children and serves as one of the children’s leaders in the church plant. She loves helping Japanese youth (she was invaluable when we hosted a group of kids from Fukushima last March) and is interested in social sciences and Japanese.


Ministry Assignment

Takeshi is the Vice President for Strategic Engagement for Asian Access, and is also the National Director of A2/Japan. In addition, he currently serves on the Asian Access International Ministry Leadership team, as well.

Since the three-fold disaster in Japan on March 11, 2011, Takeshi has been in Japan every month to serve pastors and leaders in the disaster area. He is involved in various projects that have developed out of needs discovered on his visits and through his relationships. He is also facilitating a three year renewal process for JCGI Network (A2's work in Japan). He continues to teach and train in other parts of Asia when asked.

Dorrie and the kids continue to pitch in as needed.


Recent Articles from Takeshi & Dorrie



Pastor Yoshiya KondoListen to the voices – warning against 'self-satisfying' relief work
by Yoshitomo Takahashi


JAPAN (Christian Shinbun)  It has been one month since the disaster hit East Japan. The reconstruction work continues. There are many churches and Christian organizations involved in the relief and reconstruction. However in some cases, outside relief work has become a burden to local churches in the disaster-affected area. The following is gathered from the visitation of churches in Iwate Prefecture that are involved in relief work and is a report on their actual conditions.


It takes about two hours driving through the mountainside from Morioka City to the costal city of Miyako via the winding national...


Read More

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